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Transform your space with “Find me” printable wall art! Download and print this lovely digital artwork in any size you like to brighten up your interior decor with a touch of elegance. Get it now and let it bring a little style into your space!

70-140cm (27.5″≈55″) Printable
Resolution: 300dpi / Digital download
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Find me

Download and print this lovely digital artwork in any size you like to brighten up your interior decor with a touch of elegance. Get it now and let it bring a little style into your space!

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  • Also, colours may vary between the printed item and what you see on your computer screen. We suggest making a test print to ensure satisfaction with the final result.
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  • You’re welcome to print as many copies as you like for your own use.
  • Just a heads-up, though, that resale of both digital and printed versions of the artwork is not allowed.
  • We’re happy to let interior design and home staging professionals use this file without limitations, but please don’t sell the artwork in any format.


Find me – The Story

In a distant realm where colors and shapes formed the very fabric of reality, there existed a world known as Chromatica. In Chromatica, every emotion, every thought, and every story was expressed through vivid, intertwining patterns and hues. Amongst this kaleidoscope of existence, a mysterious figure known only as the Seeker roamed, always on a quest to find the elusive spirit known as the Muse.

The Seeker was a being of fluid form, constantly shifting between shades of blue and gold, representing wisdom and ambition. Every movement they made left trails of light and shadow, painting the air with ephemeral strokes. Their journey was guided by the whispers of the wind and the subtle vibrations of the colors around them.

One day, while traversing the peaks of the Radiant Mountains, the Seeker came across a strange and captivating sight. In the distance, a dazzling composition of shapes and colors beckoned. It was a swirling mass of crescents, spheres, and lines, each pulsating with a rhythm that seemed to sync with the Seeker’s heartbeat. The Seeker felt an irresistible pull towards this mesmerizing tableau.

As they approached, the Seeker noticed the scene’s vibrant palette: bold reds, serene blues, and glowing yellows. It was as if the sun, moon, and stars had converged into a single, harmonious dance. The centerpiece of this artwork was an abstract figure, half-hidden among the curves and angles, its presence both commanding and elusive. This was the Muse, the inspiration that the Seeker had been searching for.

The Seeker stood before the intricate display, feeling an overwhelming sense of awe and curiosity. “Find me,” a voice echoed through the colors, soft yet unmistakably clear. It was the voice of the Muse, inviting the Seeker to delve deeper into the mystery.

Driven by the desire to connect with the Muse, the Seeker began to interpret the patterns. They noticed that the red sphere represented passion and energy, while the blue arcs symbolized tranquility and depth. The golden crescent was a sign of enlightenment, and the interwoven lines depicted the paths of destiny. Each element had its place, each color a purpose, creating a tapestry of meaning that only those with an open heart could fully grasp.

The Seeker reached out, their hand passing through the vivid layers of the artwork. Instantly, they were engulfed in a cascade of sensations, each color transmitting a different emotion. The reds filled them with a fiery determination, the blues with a serene clarity, and the yellows with a profound sense of understanding.

With each step closer to the Muse, the Seeker felt their own essence resonating with the patterns. They realized that to truly find the Muse, they had to embrace every aspect of themselves—their fears, hopes, dreams, and memories. The journey was not just about discovering the Muse but also about understanding the depth of their own soul.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity and a mere moment all at once, the Seeker stood face to face with the Muse. The abstract figure shimmered with an inner light, its form constantly shifting yet remaining beautifully coherent. The Muse extended a hand, and the Seeker took it, feeling a surge of connection that transcended time and space.

“You have found me,” the Muse spoke, its voice a symphony of all the colors combined. “But in doing so, you have also found yourself. Remember, the quest for inspiration is endless, but it always begins within.”

With those words, the Muse dissolved into a cascade of radiant colors, merging with the Seeker’s being. The Seeker felt a newfound sense of purpose and enlightenment. They knew their journey in Chromatica was far from over, but they now carried the essence of the Muse within them, a guiding light for all the adventures yet to come.

And so, in the ever-shifting world of Chromatica, the Seeker continued their quest, forever intertwined with the spirit of the Muse. Together, they painted new stories across the canvas of reality, a testament to the boundless possibilities of the heart and mind.

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Canvas, paper, aluminium, acrylic glass, and more.


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This artifact boasts a resolution of 300dpi and measures 70cm (27.5in) on its longest side. It is an excellent way to showcase your style and personality on your wall, adding character to your space. It makes for a unique and lasting gift. Printing at these dimensions will result in high-quality prints. Doubling the dimensions will allow for larger prints suitable for interior decoration. We have provided some artifact sizes based human size to give you an idea.

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